Monday, 29 August 2011

RJ Neha

I m Neha,

I have worked with Deloitte for 3 years. I belong to Indore. I am somewhat introspective, open-minded, curious and make rock solid when it comes to taking descisions. Everyone has a story to tell.....I look forward to time spent with my loved ones and dear friends. I take each day as it comes.

I like travelling, dancing, playing musical instruments. N now plans to be a part time RJ. I Hope i would do well in this role also.

I don't like to judge or be judged. We all have the right to our own opinions and beliefs, but do not have the right to force them on others or convince them to believe in the same things.

I can be guarded when it comes to my heart and feelings.The potential for me to let my guard down is there,..... but it is a process...

I am living in a world where I myself... have to struggle, to respond to many unanswered questions and to face possible responsibilities. Now, I know that I am here not just to exist but to live....................................................

No matter where I go I carry wid myself my own ideals….not wat people want me to do but wat makes me happy…. I just love to be happy…coz at the end of all that's all that matters….. yet sometimes I love to cry….. it makes me closer to myself…closer to wat I am…. I don't have much… but I have enough to keep me happy 4 the rest of my life….i live life widout regret….
Nothing in the world is more important to me than my family….. yet my friends mean the world to me….. my friends know me as gud as I know myself…..wid friends I keep no secrets …yet I would take their secrets to the grave…….

I hate lies and pretentions.

I am a work in progress...always trying to improve something or learn something new:)

RJ Neha


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